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Kamut, Nut Butter, and a Failed Attempt at Being Cuban

September 27, 2010
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by Brittany

I woke up to forearms that weren’t the least bit sore. All that yoga and downward-dogging made for very in-shape arms. These arms string beans? Who knew!!

And you guys… I actually bought REAL MILK this weekend. I love almond milk, but I missed the real thing. :D

For breakfast this morning I made kamut instead of oats… and I loved it! Kamut is a type of wheat that’s higher in protein, has more vitamins and minerals, and has a slightly sweeter flavor than regular wheat. For more info on kamut, .

I stirred in cottage cheese before the last minute of nuking and topped it with pumpkin flax granola, fig jam, a splash of milk, and drumroll…. HOMEMADE CINNAMON VANILLA PECAN BUTTER!

The cinnamon bold coffee made its appearance as well. I got my room mate to try it and she said “It tastes like fall!”

The surprise ingredient from yesterday’s post-climbing snack was the homemade pecan butter. I’ve been wanting to make my own nut butter for a while, and I have to say, it’s incredibly easy. To make your basic nut butter you need three things: nuts, a food processor, and a rubber spatula to scrape down the sides.

To start out, I put a couple of cups of pecans in the food processor with a few shakes of cinnamon and a capful of vanilla extract and let it whirr, scraping the sides occasionally, until it created a creamy texture. No need to add oil– the naturally-occurring fats in nuts create the creamy texture on their own!

Pecans have an airier texture than say, almonds or peanuts, so pecan butter isn’t as creamy. But it was more than enough to be spreadable.

A recycled glass container made for cute storage. :)

The pecan butter will be making several appearances in the near future. I can’t get over how delicious it is.

Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Butter

  • 2 cups pecans (make sure they’re organic, conventional nuts have lots of pesticides!)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 capful vanilla extract

Put all ingredients in a food processor. Start out on a lower setting to finely chop the nuts, then gradually increase the power– scraping the sides occasionally– until the pecans have become a creamy consistency.

And now on to the fail.

Look at those! You’re probably thinking “Really, Brittany? Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for lunch? How is that healthy? And why are they shiny?”

That’s because they’re not cookies. It’s a mashed sweet plantain with black beans.

While I pride myself on my cooking prowess the majority of the time, I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes come up with epic fails. This was one of them. Did it taste bad? Not at all. Would I make it again? Umm… no.

I was saved by a spinach salad.

And an Asian pear with a little pecan butter on top (told you it’d be showing up a lot!).

Overall, it wasn’t a bad lunch. But not one I’d repeat, either.

Snack is a Larabar and dinner is light, since it’s Trainer Night. PB (pecan butter! duh!) & J on an English muffin. Nobody wants to have a full stomach while doing abs.

But most importantly…. look what I found at Whole Foods this weekend! My favorite brand of coconut water! I’ll be chugging this little buddy on my way out of the gym tonight.

It’s H-O-T in Los Angeles this week. I think someone forgot to tell the weather that it’s officially fall. It’s currently 106 in the Valley, where I work. I think tomorrow’s breakfast is going to be a cold one. Maybe I’ll even attempt iced coffee?

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