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No Joy in Soy?

September 12, 2010
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by Brittany

As promised, I’m going to tell you about my beef with soy (Get it? Beef? Because soy doesn’t have any? Right, moving on…).

First off, take a look at this article I found in this month’s Living Without magazine (which is a great read for those of you with food allergies/sensitivities): ““

There is a lot of research on both sides of the argument, but because of my family’s history of thyroid issues, the claim of it impeding thyroid function scares the bajeezus out of me. And if you eat any processed food, there’s a pretty good chance it’s in there– as much as I’ve eliminated if from my diet, it still creeps in through some of my food. But considering that I’ve eliminated most of it from my diet, I think a little is alright. I do, however, still eat things containing fermented soy (the fermentation process helps get rid of the isoflavones that are reported to be not so great for you), such as soy sauce, miso, and tempeh.

For this morning’s breakfast I had the best of both worlds– a little sweet, a little savory.

A spinach, pearl onion, and feta Egg Beaters omelette (I don’t eat Egg Beaters much, but when I want a little more at breakfast I use them instead of eggs) and some Peanut Butter Puffins.

I decided to walk to the grocery store today, which was about a mile total. Those suckers got heavy on the way back!

Lots of goodies to cook with this week!

Afterwards I headed to the gym for an afternoon workout. Since I walked to Trader Joe’s, I decided a 2 mile run would suffice today. Abs followed, doing the following 4 exercises:

  1. Hold a for 10 seconds, then do 10 crunches in boat pose with bent legs, extending legs when leaning back. Repeat for 2 more sets.
  2. Hold a weight, medicine ball, or weighted plate that you’re comfortable with (I use 8 lbs) and twist, with your legs up, from side to side. Right-then-left equals one rep. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.
  3. With your hands behind your head or holding onto the mat behind you, slowly lower straightened legs for 10 seconds, then hold them just above the ground for 10 seconds. Rest. Do it 4 times total.
  4. Hold a plank for 20 seconds. Put your right foot on top of your left foot and hold for another 20 seconds. Switch feet and hold for another 20 seconds.

Lunch was an open-faced chicken sandwich with a little spinach, Greek yogurt, and mojo chicken. Mojo is a traditional Cuban marinade with a sour orange base (a little taste of the motherland for you) that is typically used with pork, but like I said, I try to keep it lean most of the time. And I threw in a pink lady apple and had some coconut water for an after-workout potassium boost. I’m not too big a fan of this brand, though (it actually tastes a little like carrots, weird!). Too bad I bought 3 of them…

Dakota, my maltese-yorkie pup, wanted a taste, but she had to suffice with just watching. Sorry, pups, you have one heck of a sensitive stomach.

For dinner I grabbed some Mongolian BBQ with a friend. If you’ve never had Mongolian BBQ before, I highly recommend it! You pick the meat, vegetables, and sauce you want, grab some noodles, and give it to the chef to stir fry for you. I wasn’t going to have any noodles, but I caved and took a little. The rest is a pile of veggies and a little chicken.For the sauce, I got a little creative. I mixed some lemon, some garlic, some green curry, and some spicy sauce. It ended up not being quite spicy enough, so I added a little sriracha when we got back to the table… and sniffled and chugged water throughout my meal. Too spicy? Neverrrrr. It was so delicious I almost cleaned my plate.

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